Where are You Going to Store all Those Gifts?

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ShoeSwirl in an entryway closet
ShoeSwirl in an entryway closet

Well it’s after the holidays and maybe you received that special pair of shoes that you’ve been asking for, or maybe your kids bought you those cute fuzzy slippers that will keep your feet warm on those cold winter nights, or a pair of practical winter boots that will keep your feet dry in the slush and snow. Now that you received all these great new shoes, where are you going to store them?

Now that you have this new foot apparel you really need a ShoeSwirl to help keep them clean, organized, and easy to locate. The ShoeSwirl is durable because it is made of melamine, a hard plastic coating over fiber board and stands up well to wet and muddy boots and shoes. We made the compartments large so they will even fit boots that other shoe storage units just can’t handle.

Putting a ShoeSwirl in an entry way closet is a great idea, you can take off those wet snowy boots or shoes and slip on those slippers as soon as you walk in the house. Your house stays clean and all your shoes are neat organized and easy to reach.

Whether you use a ShoeSwirl in an entry way closet, in the garage, or in your clothes closet, it will solve all of your shoe organization problems. 
When Christmas is over, and the tree and all the decorations come down, make sure you have a new ShoeSwirl to keep those new shoes from Santa clean, and organized.


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