I Wish We Could Store Both Shoes Together

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ShoeSwirl vs Shoe Cubbies

He said he packed his shoes for the wedding
He said he packed his shoes for the wedding

Often people ask me, “Why did you make the ShoeSwirl storage bins so big?” My response to them, “Simply, because every other shoe storage system makes theirs so small!”  I do not wear toddler sized shoes, I am an average guy who wears a nine and a half wide shoe. I just wanted to make something that everyone could use, every day, and easily.

I want to be able to pick up my shoes and slide them into a shoe rack, without having to struggle to turn them and squeeze them together. Is it so much to ask to have both your shoes in the same cubbie? I was tired of constantly having to search for the other mate because my shoe only fit in one slot at a time in other storage systems.


Not only did I want a shoe storage system that held both my shoes, I wanted one that could handle my shoes. ShoeSwirl is made of durable melamine and is easy to clean, unlike most other shoes storage systems which are covered in in a mesh fabric, or vinyl covered cardboard. These other competitors will just not hold up against mud, dirt, and children the way ShoeSwirl can! One other great thing about ShoeSwirl is that the storage compartment is also large enough to hold most standard shoe boxes. How many other Shoe Storage Systems can do that?



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Dan Thompson

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