The New ShoeSwirl Design is Complete

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Photo of ShoeSwirl
Photo of ShoeSwirl

Now that I finally had a working new and improved ShoeSwirl design and decided to make them out of white melamine, I went back to Scott to re-draw the pattern and start cutting out the new ShoeSwirl. We decided to make the ShoeSwirl out of a thicker material to allow us to utilize the easy to use ready to assemble type fasteners and the CNC machine can precisely make sure all the holes for the fasteners line up properly.

This eliminated a lot of manual labor on my part, and the new type fasteners would leave the top nice and clean looking. With the thicker material you can also use T-molding to dress up the edge, the nice thing about T- molding is that it’s made of rubber and helps protect the walls. Scott was able to hook me up with the supplier of the connectors and the T – Molding. The company also had a TV swivel that was exactly what I needed; it swiveled, and pulled out like drawer slides. Unfortunately due to the new rise in flat screen sales, the TV slide was discontinued and I was unable to order them anymore.

Many people ask me why I made the shoe storage bins so big. My response is simple, it’s because everyone else makes theirs so small! I hate it when someone advertises their product will do something and in real life it won’t. I don’t wear toddler shoes; I’m an ordinary average guy, who wears a 9 -1/2 wide shoe. I wanted to make something that I could use every day easily! I want to be able to pick up my shoes and slide them into a shoe rack. Not pick them up and turn one around and squeeze them together and try to make them fit in a small space.


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